“I Am Obsessed With Building Leaders and Helping Businesses Thrive.”

With over 15 years of exceptional marketing management and consultation experience, I am a mission-oriented marketing leader with a proven track record of driving success. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated expertise in developing and executing end-to-end integrated marketing plans, resulting in significant accomplishments for organizations of various sizes in the MENA region, the UK, and Europe.

By aligning innovative digital and traditional marketing strategies, I have consistently elevated the performance and profitability of companies across diverse industries. Through effective leadership of marketing, design, merchandising, and technology teams, I have successfully positioned brands to thrive in highly competitive markets.

My comprehensive understanding of both B2B and B2C marketing has been applied across a wide range of industries, including eCommerce, IT, Cyber Security, SaaS, Electronics, Financial Services, Building Materials, Retail & Wholesale, Education, FMCG, and Marketing & Advertising. I have excelled in these sectors, and my adaptability and proven success in new industries make me a valuable asset capable of delivering superior results for any organization.

My expertise lies in conceptualizing and implementing innovative marketing initiatives that ensure brand consistency, achieve measurable objectives, maximize effectiveness, and drive market impact and expansion. Additionally, I possess a talent for hiring, training, and mentoring highly engaged team members, fostering growth opportunities for individuals to flourish in their talents and skills.

As a trusted and respected contributor to renowned organizations, I have managed marketing budgets of up to $6M and consistently delivered targeted ROI. I am confident in my ability to generate exceptional results for your company.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Digital and Traditional Marketing
  • B2B & B2C Marketing
  • Growth Marketing
  • Data-Driven Marketing
  • Objective-First Framework
  • Lead/Demand Generation
  • Customer Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Budgeting
  • Digital Ecosystem Setup
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Journey
  • Content Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Testing Process
  • Measurement and KPIs
  • Objectives and ROI